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I would wait untill you are closer to your final wieght.

Thank You Wayne
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Any eight ton jack will work. I have drilled and tapped the jack to accept the pressure gauge and it worked fine. As Wayne said, I would wait to adjust the suspension until you get closer to your final weight so that you don't have to do it twice.
Daniel Lenz
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Couple of things to consider:

I would never consider installing this in a wall for many reasons.

Putting this tank under the bed will make it more difficult to access the top of the engine compartment. If you go this route, use some type of quick disconnects and a drain. An inflatible bladder might work. Where are you going to catch the waste from it?

We have had our coach for nearly 14 yrs, including 8 yrs of full timing. Only two times could we have used larger water capacity. Buy some plastic water bottles and one of the wheeled waste tanks for the few times you need more water. Use your towed to get it and haul away the waste gray.

IMO, 1000 lbs is not going to make much difference.

Here's some info for you. You can see the difference in wts of the DD is negligible. Sort of like pole vaulting over piss ant hills.

2-cycle DDA, dry weight:
6-71 = 2150 lbs.
6-71TA = 2195 lbs.
6V-71 = 1960 lbs.
8V-71 = 2345 lbs.
8V-71TA = 2415 lbs.
12V-71 = 3300 lbs.
6V-92TA = 2020 lbs.
8V-92TA = 2415 lbs.
Three of the most popular Allison transmission dry weights:
V-730 series (3-speed): 890 lbs.
HT740 series (4-speed): 840 stock, 979 with retarder
HT750 series (5-speed): 940
Joe Laird
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